CVE - KB Correlation, Oct 2020  

Published on: 26 Oct, 2020

Cyber Security Vulnerabilities are usually identified using its unique CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) number. However, Microsoft's SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) provides patch information in the form of Knowledge Base (KB) Articles that are associated to one or more CVEs. Microsoft released updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in its software for the month of October.

Below is the list of CVE IDs, corresponding CVSSv3 Score and Knowledge Base IDs as released by Microsoft during October 2020:-

S. No. CVE CVSSv3 Score KB
01. CVE-2020-16911 8.8 KB4577671, KB4580327, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580346, KB4580347, KB4580358
02. CVE-2020-16915 8.8 KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4580330, KB4580328
03. CVE-2020-16933 8.8 KB4486692, KB4486679, KB4486703, KB4486701
04. CVE-2020-16947 8.8 KB4486671
05. CVE-2020-16891 8.8 KB4577671, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580327, KB4577668, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580346, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580328, KB4579311, KB4580330
06. CVE-2020-16898 8.8 KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4580328
07. CVE-2020-1047 7.8 KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4580330, KB4580328
08. CVE-2020-1080 7.8 KB4577668, KB4579311, KB4577671, KB4580330
09. CVE-2020-1167 7.8 KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4577049, KB4577041
10. CVE-2020-1243 7.8 KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4580330
11. CVE-2020-16918 7.8 N/A
12. CVE-2020-16923 7.8 KB4577668, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4577671, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580328, KB4580327, KB4580378, KB4580385
13. CVE-2020-16928 7.8 N/A
14. CVE-2020-16929 7.8 KB4486674, KB4486678, KB4486687, KB4486682, KB4486700, KB4462175, KB4486688, KB4486707, KB4486695, KB4486689, KB4484531
15. CVE-2020-16930 7.8 KB4484417, KB4484435
16. CVE-2020-16931 7.8 KB4486689, KB4486678, KB4486695, KB4486707, KB4486674
17. CVE-2020-16932 7.8 KB4486678, KB4486707, KB4486695, KB4486674, KB4486689
18. CVE-2020-16934 7.8 N/A
19. CVE-2020-16935 7.8 KB4577671, KB4580346, KB4577668, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580327, KB4579311
20. CVE-2020-16936 7.8 KB4580328, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4580330, KB4580327, KB4580346
21. CVE-2020-16939 7.8 KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4577671, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4579311, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580327
22. CVE-2020-16951 7.8 KB4486694, KB4486677, KB4486676
23. CVE-2020-16952 7.8 KB4486694, KB4486676, KB4486677
24. CVE-2020-16954 7.8 KB4486688, KB4486682, KB4486700
25. CVE-2020-16955 7.8 N/A
26. CVE-2020-16957 7.8 N/A
27. CVE-2020-16967 7.8 KB4580327, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4577671, KB4580346, KB4580330
28. CVE-2020-16972 7.8 KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580330, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580328, KB4580327
29. CVE-2020-16973 7.8 KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4577671, KB4580346, KB4580327, KB4580328, KB4577668, KB4579311, KB4580330
30. CVE-2020-16974 7.8 KB4580328, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580330, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4580346, KB4580327, KB4577668
31. CVE-2020-16975 7.8 KB4580346, KB4580327, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4577668, KB4579311, KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4580328
32. CVE-2020-16976 7.8 KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4577668, KB4580327
33. CVE-2020-16977 7.8 N/A
34. CVE-2020-16980 7.8 KB4580346, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4580347, KB4580358
35. CVE-2020-16995 7.8 N/A
36. CVE-2020-17003 7.8 N/A
37. CVE-2020-17022 7.8 N/A
38. CVE-2020-17023 7.8 N/A
39. CVE-2020-16908 7.8 N/A
40. CVE-2020-16909 7.8 KB4580330, KB4580346, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4580327, KB4580328
41. CVE-2020-0764 7.8 KB4577041, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580328, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4577049
42. CVE-2020-16876 7.8 KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4580346, KB4580327
43. CVE-2020-16905 7.8 KB4580328, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4580327, KB4580346
44. CVE-2020-16907 7.8 KB4580328, KB4580330, KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4579311
45. CVE-2020-16912 7.8 KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580327, KB4580330, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580328, KB4579311, KB4580346
46. CVE-2020-16913 7.8 KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4579311, KB4577668
47. CVE-2020-16920 7.8 KB4579311, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580328, KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580327
48. CVE-2020-16924 7.8 KB4580330, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4577671, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580327
49. CVE-2020-16968 7.8 KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4580327, KB4580346, KB4579311
50. CVE-2020-16895 7.8 KB4580330, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4577668
51. CVE-2020-16894 7.7 KB4580346
52. CVE-2020-16863 7.5 KB4580345, KB4580387
53. CVE-2020-16949 7.5 KB4486663, KB4486671, KB4484524
54. CVE-2020-16927 7.5 KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4580327, KB4579311
55. CVE-2020-16896 7.5 KB4577671, KB4580328, KB4580327, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4577668, KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4580346
56. CVE-2020-16899 7.5 KB4577671, KB4580328, KB4577668, KB4580330, KB4579311
57. CVE-2020-16877 7.1 KB4577671, KB4579311
58. CVE-2020-16886 6.7 N/A
59. CVE-2020-16943 6.5 N/A
60. CVE-2020-16948 6.5 KB4486708, KB4486676, KB4486677, KB4486694
61. CVE-2020-16953 6.5 KB4486708, KB4486676, KB4486694, KB4486677
62. CVE-2020-16969 6.5 KB4581424
63. CVE-2020-16901 5.5 KB4577671
64. CVE-2020-16910 5.5 KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4580346, KB4580330, KB4580327, KB4580328
65. CVE-2020-16914 5.5 KB4577671, KB4580327, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4580328, KB4577668, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580330, KB4580378, KB4580385
66. CVE-2020-16922 5.5 KB4580328, KB4577671, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580327, KB4580346, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4579311, KB4577668, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580330
67. CVE-2020-16937 5.5 KB4579979, KB4580469, KB4578972, KB4579976, KB4578974, KB4580328, KB4580330, KB4579978, KB4580468, KB4578971, KB4579977, KB4580467, KB4578969, KB4578968, KB4579980, KB4580470, KB4580346, KB4580327
68. CVE-2020-16938 5.5 KB4579311
69. CVE-2020-16940 5.5 KB4579311, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4577671, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580346, KB4577668, KB4580328, KB4580327, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580330
70. CVE-2020-16941 5.5 KB4486708, KB4486676, KB4486694, KB4486677
71. CVE-2020-16950 5.5 KB4486676
72. CVE-2020-16897 5.5 KB4580327, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580346, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580328, KB4580330, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4579311
73. CVE-2020-16921 5.5 KB4580330, KB4577671, KB4580328, KB4579311, KB4577668
74. CVE-2020-16919 5.5 KB4580330, KB4579311, KB4577671, KB4580327, KB4577668, KB4580346, KB4580328
75. CVE-2020-16944 5.4 KB4486694, KB4486677, KB4486676
76. CVE-2020-16945 5.4 KB4486694, KB4486676, KB4486677
77. CVE-2020-16946 5.4 KB4486694, KB4486708, KB4486677, KB4486676
78. CVE-2020-16956 5.4 KB4578105, KB4578106
79. CVE-2020-16978 5.4 KB4578106
80. CVE-2020-16942 4.4 KB4486694, KB4486677, KB4486708, KB4486676
81. CVE-2020-16885 N/A KB4577668, KB4579311, KB4580346, KB4580328, KB4577671, KB4580330
82. CVE-2020-16887 N/A KB4580328, KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580346, KB4580327, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4579311, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4577668
83. CVE-2020-16889 N/A KB4580327, KB4579311, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580330, KB4580346, KB4577671, KB4580328, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4577668, KB4580382, KB4580353
84. CVE-2020-16890 N/A KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4579311
85. CVE-2020-16892 N/A KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4580330, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580346, KB4579311, KB4580328, KB4580327, KB4580382, KB4580353
86. CVE-2020-16900 N/A KB4580330, KB4577668, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4579311, KB4577671, KB4580327, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580328, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580346, KB4580378, KB4580385
87. CVE-2020-16902 N/A KB4577668, KB4579311, KB4580327, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4577671, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580330, KB4580328, KB4580346
88. CVE-2020-16904 N/A N/A
89. CVE-2020-16916 N/A KB4580347, KB4580358, KB4580345, KB4580387, KB4580378, KB4580385, KB4577668, KB4577671, KB4579311, KB4580327, KB4580382, KB4580353, KB4580328, KB4580346, KB4580330