NCIIPC Information & Cyber Security Program

Scope of Program

NCIIPC Training Curriculum is aimed at providing awareness to CISOs and Management Personnel about their Critical Information Infrastructure and train them about Information Security & Policies, Cyber Security, Network Security, Best Practices, Vulnerability/Threat/Risk Analysis, Incident Management & Handling, Cyber Audit, Security Controls etc.

Course Name: Sensitization Workshop for States and UTs
One day Sensitization Workshop is scheduled to be held on 14 Dec, 2018.

Venue: NCIIPC, New Delhi

Course Code: NCIIPCGOV1805

Who can attend: Top Management and CISOs (By Invitation Only)

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☞ Workshop on CII Protection for Senior Officers of Punjab Police, Aug 2018
☞ Workshop on CII Protection for the Officers of Haryana, July 2018
☞ Workshop on Information Security at Chandigarh, May 2018
☞ Workshop on CII Protection at Puducherry, Mar 2018
☞ Workshop on Information Security Policy at IPA, New Delhi, Feb 2018
☞ Security Sensitisation Workshop at Chandigarh, Nov 2017
☞ Workshop for CISOs of the BFSI Sector in Mumbai, Aug 2017
☞ Workshop on Cyber Security for Power Infrastructure in India, Jun 2017
☞ Sensitization Program on Ransomware Attack for Delhi Government
☞ Cyber Security Sensitization Workshop for Telangana State, Feb 2017

How to Apply

  1. Download and Fillup the Registration Form.
  2. Email the filled up form at

Areas of Training

The course content can be categorized in two broad levels:-

S. No. Basic Level
(For Middle Level Management & Interested parties)
Advanced Level
(For CISO, Middle & Senior Level Management)
01. Overview of Information Security Business Continuity Plans
02. Overview of Security threats Disaster Recovery Planning
03. Information Security Vulnerabilities Incident Management and Handling Process
04. Risk Management Third Party Management
05. Network Protocols and Devices Legal Framework
06. Understanding Directory Services Privacy Protection
07. Access Control Audit and Testing
08. Understanding Security Architecture and Technologies Computer Forensics
09. Understanding Cryptography, Tunneling, and Wireless Security Information Security Policy and Procedures
10. Securing your Database National and International Cooperation
11. Focus on Malware, viruses and how they subverts security Identification of Critical Infrastructure
12. Operations Security Vulnerability/Threat/Risk Analysis
13. Software Development Security Interdependencies with other sectors/organizations
14. Physical Security Incidence Response in the NCII domain
15. Cloud Computing and Security Senior Management support to Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
16. Securing Industrial Control Systems --

For further details on NCIIPC Workshops/Trainings, please check SOP on Training.